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Sales and Specials

   Holiday and other Sales are found below!

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HOG/Edge Black Friday Regulator Specials! 

Edge Nano Unbalanced Sport Piston Regulator 1st/2nd Set $129.95
Hog D2 Yoke NonSealed-Classic 2.0 1st/2nd Set

Edge Epic Yoke Sealed1st/2nd Set
Hog D3 Yoke or DIN Sealed 1st Stage
Hog Zenith Smoke 2nd Stage Regulator
Hog Classic 2.0 Limited Edition 2nd Stage
Edge Escape Pneumatically Balanced Safe Second Octopus
Edge Nano Unbalanced Safe Second Octopus
Contact me to put together a package with hoses and SPG!

Edge/HOG Black Friday Light deals
Edge 1100 Lumen Handheld 49.95
Edge Marine 1000 Light 34.95
Edge 315 Mini LED 24.95

 Lycra skins - 24.95

Reef, 3mm, and 5mm gloves - 14.95!

Bags - Roller Mesh Back Pack- 49.95, Deluxe mesh Boat Duffel- 39.95, Black Regulator Bag -14.95, Mesh Snorkeling Bag - 7.95

72 inch Yellow DSMB - 39.95, 100 ft Spool - 14.95 


All orders over $500.00 will get a copy of my new book - "SCUBA: A Practical Guide to Advanced Level Training" 

Those over 750.00 will get a copy of my first book plus the new one! 



Posted by jimlap212 on Monday November 21, 2011 6:01 pm

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