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   Advanced Class Notes on Equipment- Required and Guidelines

    The guidelines are not optional!


It is understood that for any advanced training the student will own or be able to provide their own gear. This includes tanks and weights. Some items such as reels, spools, and lift bags may be provided for the class by UDM Aquatics but items are limited and you will do much better with your own gear. In the case of stage bottles and regulators these can also be obtained through UDM Aquatics on a very limited basis and are not included in the course cost itself.

Most of the required items for class are not overly expensive and students can obtain them at reasonable cost through UDM Aquatics. The following guidelines for all advanced level training will be observed and the instructor has the right to limit or reject those items and gear configurations that are not suitable. Instructor has the final say in this and while it may be negotiated some items are simply not going to be permitted. Contact me to discuss your options. The class being taken will also have a bearing on this policy.

Note that all classes beyond OW may be taken in single tank backmount, double tank backmount, double tank sidemount, and single tank sidemount provided the student has the equipment and demonstrates the necessary proficiency with their chosen configuration. The following basic guidelines apply to all continuing education classes:

  1. Safe and Reliable
  2. Comfortable and Well Fitting
  3. Provide for adequate redundancy without being excessive.
  4. Configured for self-sufficiency and self-rescue
  5. Simple and Streamlined
  6. All accessories and valves easily reachable
  7. Allows for Buddy Assist and Rescue
  8. Has a Low Drag Profile- Streamlined
  9. Adaptable to the Divers Needs
  10. Adaptable to the Diver’s Objective
  11. All Equipment Identifiable by Touch and Location
  12. Standardized with Fellow Divers Yet Versatile to Meet the Needs of the User
  13. Equipment Placement is balanced and Instinctive
  14. Any Changes have been made Gradually and with Careful Thought
  15. Diver is open to Improvement to his/her Setup
  16. All Cylinders are Properly Labeled with the Gas Mixture, MOD, and the Divers Name

Note that while most SEI and SDI Advanced Classes are limited to 2 students, TDI Intro to Tech and any future TDI Classes requiring dives will be limited to 4 students. It is expected that those entering technical training will have higher basic skill levels that make this increase in maximum class size possible.



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