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In addition to Basic Open Water a number of continuing education courses are offered for your benefit. The list below is list of all courses currently available through SEI Diving. Not all courses may be available through UDM Aquatic Services. Call for course availability.

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    Underwater Navigation $325.00

Do you want to know where you are going? Do you want to know how to find your way underwater to objects, sites, and points of interest? And most importantly, do you want to be able to find your way back? Then this is the course for you! Over the course of 6 dives, and a minimum of 6 hours of classroom you will learn to use a compass, natural features, and for the first time in a recreational navigation course, lines and reels to successfully navigate underwater. In the classroom we will cover the equipment, techniques, challenges, and hazards of underwater navigation. You'll learn about why these techniques are used and when to use them. I'll teach you to make decisions on what to do when navigating a site and conditions change or are not what you expected. You will learn how to create a map of the site you are diving during your surface intervals. Then as part of the exit requirements you will turn in a finished version of the map and take your final exam. You will need to furnish your own compass, slate, and dive kit. I will provide the lines and reels. For complete details email or call to set up a time to personally discuss this exciting chapter in your diving education. Minimum of 2 persons for this class for the 325.00 per person rate. Private class rate is 425.00

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Your training will take place in the classroom and in the pool. You will be required to have your own personal gear for the class and it must be of dive quality. See sidebar under "personal gear" for items required. You will also be required to have a copy of Dennis Graver's "Scuba Diving". This text can be ordered through UDM Aquatic Services. You'll sign a learning agreement which outlines our commitment to you and your responsibilities as a student. At the completion of the classroom and pool sessions you will do a series of Open Water dives at a local lake or quarry. You may also elect to take a referral and do the dives in a warm water location with another instructor. Another option is to allow me to conduct your checkout dives on an excursion to a warm water destination on a scheduled trip or in the case of private lessons cover my expenses for a trip to do these checkouts should you choose not to do them locally. All lessons will be private or semi private. Please Contact Us for rates for both types of classes. You will also be responsible for renting gear for your open water checkout dives. Either Pittsburgh Scuba or Dive World has rental gear available.  I will inform you of the requirements as to what gear you will need to rent at our first meeting.


 For those already certified as Open Water divers with SEI Diving or having YMCA cards who wish to continue training with me in one of my advanced or specialty classes all you need do is sign up. For those certified through other agencies or with an instructor I'm not familiar with I require an interview and perhaps skill evaluation session in the pool and/or open water. Some skills required to earn OW  certification with SEI Diving are not taught by other agencies. I require that you be able to perform these in order to earn certification. It is stated in the learning agreement you will sign for each class and is stated here. Payment of tuition is not a guarantee of certification. It is a guarantee of training. Certification is earned not bought. Failure to achieve the skills required by SEI Diving and UDM Aquatic Services will result in no card being issued. We will train you till you are able to meet the standards.


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