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In addition to Basic Open Water a number of continuing education courses are offered for your benefit. The list below is list of all courses currently available through SEI Diving. Not all courses may be available through UDM Aquatic Services. Call for course availability.

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    Advanced Adventure Diver with additional dives 425.00+ 50 per dive

For those who want a little more time with me and additional skills dives in any of the Advanced Adventure disciplines.

There will be classroom sessions of approx. 6-8 hours total covering communication, navigation, search and recovery, deep diving, gas management, and night low vis techniques. In addition we will look at rescue skills for these types of dives and equipment considerations and recommendations. This would be in addition to 2-3 hours of on site instruction between dives. An all day classroom option is available on a very limited basis with advance arrangements. We will also look at why divers die and get hurt to discover ways of avoiding it.

 Search and Recovery: Navigation using compass, natural, and lines or reels: Deep ( to 100 feet): Night/Low vis and an Advanced Skills dive covering shooting of bags, propulsion techniques(frog, back, helicopter turns), UW Communication and fine buoyancy control. In addition you will carry and deploy a redundant air supply on at least 2 of the dives. Note that buoyancy, trim, and proper weighting will be addressed on ALL dives.

 A replacement for the search and recovery dive can be tailored to the needs of the individual diver(s). For example a Wreck Dive may be substituted for the Search and Recovery dive. Buddy Skills and Assist is a dive that is required and will allow you to take your buddy skills to the next level and introduce you to more rescue skills beyond the OW level. Prereqs are: OW plus 10 dives or OW and a skills checkout in the pool if I do not know you or your certifying instructor. Note that this course and all other advanced courses are scheduled according to the needs of the student. I also offer private instruction in advanced courses at extra charge.

 Extraordinary travel (airfare, etc), boat fees and quarry entry fees are the responsibility of the student. I reserve the right to have you accompany me on a couple Open Water dives to assess your skills in order to determine if you are indeed ready for Advanced Training. You must provide your own gear for this class and tank rentals can be arranged. For the deep dives you must have a min of 95 cu ft capacity tanks which you may rent from me ($10 per tank) or bring to the class yourself. I also require a redundant air supply in the form of a pony or stage bottle of at least 19 cu ft capacity. I have three of these for rental use with regulators ($20 per tank and reg set up). "Spare Airs" or smaller bottles are not acceptable

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Your training will take place in the classroom and in the pool. You will be required to have your own personal gear for the class and it must be of dive quality. See sidebar under "personal gear" for items required. You will also be required to have a copy of Dennis Graver's "Scuba Diving". This text can be ordered through UDM Aquatic Services. You'll sign a learning agreement which outlines our commitment to you and your responsibilities as a student. At the completion of the classroom and pool sessions you will do a series of Open Water dives at a local lake or quarry. You may also elect to take a referral and do the dives in a warm water location with another instructor. Another option is to allow me to conduct your checkout dives on an excursion to a warm water destination on a scheduled trip or in the case of private lessons cover my expenses for a trip to do these checkouts should you choose not to do them locally. All lessons will be private or semi private. Please Contact Us for rates for both types of classes. You will also be responsible for renting gear for your open water checkout dives. Either Pittsburgh Scuba or Dive World has rental gear available.  I will inform you of the requirements as to what gear you will need to rent at our first meeting.


 For those already certified as Open Water divers with SEI Diving or having YMCA cards who wish to continue training with me in one of my advanced or specialty classes all you need do is sign up. For those certified through other agencies or with an instructor I'm not familiar with I require an interview and perhaps skill evaluation session in the pool and/or open water. Some skills required to earn OW  certification with SEI Diving are not taught by other agencies. I require that you be able to perform these in order to earn certification. It is stated in the learning agreement you will sign for each class and is stated here. Payment of tuition is not a guarantee of certification. It is a guarantee of training. Certification is earned not bought. Failure to achieve the skills required by SEI Diving and UDM Aquatic Services will result in no card being issued. We will train you till you are able to meet the standards.


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