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In addition to Basic Open Water a number of continuing education courses are offered for your benefit. The list below is list of all courses currently available through SEI Diving. Not all courses may be available through UDM Aquatic Services. Call for course availability.

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    Future class offerings

 In Development

Posted by floyd2 on Wednesday February 14, 2018 1:47 pm


    Technical courses offered by UDM Aquatics include

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Intro to Tech, Advanced Technical Wreck Diver, Advanced Nitrox/ Deco Procedures, and OW Sidemount Diver 

Posted by jimlap212 on Thursday February 07, 2013 3:34 pm


    SDI/TDI Classes now available!


SDI Course offerings:

Open Water 395.00 includes all student materials, classroom and pool sessions, and local OW checkout dives

Computer Nitrox 135.00,

Wreck 425.00 plus boat, quarry fees, equipment rental if required

Night/Low Vis 165.00,

Deep Diving 425.00, plus boat, quarry fees, equipment rental if required

Underwater Navigation 250.00 max 4 students (2 buddy teams)

SDI Solo Diver 375.00 max 4 students and includes student materials.

** Surcharge of $100.00 for private continuing education classes requiring dives** **Private OW class add $150.00**

TDI Course offerings:

Intro to Tech 425.00 plus boat, quarry fees, equipment rental if required- max 4 students

Nitrox 135.00

HOG Equipment Service 275.00 -3 or more students - 250.00

Advanced Nitrox/Deco Procdures - taught as one course - 675.00 min of two students- tuition, books, and dives only + fills, travel, quarry and boat fees extra

Advanced Wreck - 850.00 min of two students- tuition, books, and dives only + fills, travel, quarry and boat fees extra

Advanced Nitrox/ Deco Procedures/ Advanced Wreck trio 1250.00 min of two students - tuition, books, and dives only + fills, travel, quarry and boat fees extra


Posted by jimlap212 on Monday November 22, 2010 5:46 pm


    Now offering Drysuit, Nitrox, and Search and Recovery Courses!

Drysuit Course- $175.00- The SDI Diving Drysuit course is designed for those who have purchased a Drysuit and wish to shorten the learning curve involved with diving dry. There is increased task loading involved with using a drysuit. Having the drysuit certification will also allow you to rent a suit in places where such a certification is required. The course involves classroom and a pool session followed by 2-3 open water dives. During the course you'll learn proper weighting with the suit, buoyancy control and trim, and how to use the suit and BC to compliment each other. There are also emergency procedures that will be covered as well as rescue of a diver who is in a dry suit. Divers may rent gear or are free to use their own equipment. Back Plates and Wings are welcome as are double cylinders! Dive Sidemount? No problem! 

Nitrox Course- 135.00- The SDI Diving Nitrox course will allow you to take advantage of what was once known as VooDoo Gas! It is nothing more than breathing air with an oxygen content greater than 21% up to 40%. You'll spend 3-4 hours in the classroom, learn how nitrox is blended and how to use an analyzer to verify the contents or your cylinder.  Nitrox will allow you to reduce your surface intervals or lengthen your bottom times before reaching your no decompression limits.There are depth restrictions however and you will learm about these as well. There is a common misconception that with Nitrox you can dive deeper. This is false and we'll see why in the course. 

Search and Recovery - 395.00 -Search and Recovery I from UDM Aquatics will teach you the methods used to locate and salvage small to medium sized objects such as fishing rods, small boat anchors, wallets, glasses, trolling motors and perhaps small chests of pirate treasure! Use of lines and reels for search patterns, use of lift bags, determining a search area, and other necessary techniques will be covered. Documentation of the site will also be covered. For this course the SDI Advanced Adventure course offered by UDM Aquatics or equivalent is strongly encouraged as well as Underwater Navigation. Course requires 4 dives.  

Posted by jimlap212 on Monday July 12, 2010 1:32 pm


    Underwater Navigation $325.00

Do you want to know where you are going? Do you want to know how to find your way underwater to objects, sites, and points of interest? And most importantly, do you want to be able to find your way back? Then this is the course for you! Over the course of 6 dives, and a minimum of 6 hours of classroom you will learn to use a compass, natural features, and for the first time in a recreational navigation course, lines and reels to successfully navigate underwater. In the classroom we will cover the equipment, techniques, challenges, and hazards of underwater navigation. You'll learn about why these techniques are used and when to use them. I'll teach you to make decisions on what to do when navigating a site and conditions change or are not what you expected. You will learn how to create a map of the site you are diving during your surface intervals. Then as part of the exit requirements you will turn in a finished version of the map and take your final exam. You will need to furnish your own compass, slate, and dive kit. I will provide the lines and reels. For complete details email or call to set up a time to personally discuss this exciting chapter in your diving education. Minimum of 2 persons for this class for the 325.00 per person rate. Private class rate is 425.00

Posted by jimlap212 on Sunday March 22, 2009 10:22 am


    DRAM : Diver Rescue and Accident Management $185.00

The Diver Rescue and Accident Management course is one of the most valuable courses for the recreational diver. Prerequisites include First Aid, CPR, AED, Oxygen Provider. For more details call.

Posted by jimlap212 on Friday March 13, 2009 5:37 pm


    Available Courses From UDM Aquatics in the Pittsburgh and Washington Pa Area

     Open Water, Open Water Plus, Advanced Diver, and  Master Scuba Diver, Specialties available include- Dry Suit Diver, Equipment Service, Nitrox, Diver Rescue and Accident Management.

     We can also begin your pro level training with SEI DiveMaster and Assistant Instructor!

The SEI Underwater Navigation Course, is like no other recreational navigation course available today in terms of course content, number of dives, and skills taught and utilized. I authored this course myself to address the lack of skills and information that is commonly found in a course so critical to the development of a diver. Email me for details. I offer these courses to students in Pittsburgh Pa,  Washington Pa, Morgantown and Wheeling West Virginia, Ohio and all surrounding areas.

     I am now offering courses from SDI/TDI/ERDI in the following areas. From SDI - Deep, Underwater Navigation, Computer Nitrox, Wreck, Night/Limited Vis, Solo Diver, and Open Water Scuba Diver.

     Under TDI - Edge/HOG Equipment Service Clinic, TDI Nitrox, and TDI Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures, Advanced Wreck

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Posted by jimlap212 on Monday January 05, 2009 10:14 am


    Snorkeling for Families $50.00 per person

The underwater world is a fascinating place that can be discovered with a minimal amount of effort and the use of a mask, fins, and a snorkel. This class is all pool work with poolside lectures and training tips. Remote sessions are 50.00 Per person plus travel expenses of .50 cents per mile.

Posted by jimlap212 on Monday January 05, 2009 10:13 am


    Open Water Scuba Diver $395.00

     The SEI Diving Open Water Diver course is for individuals ages 12 and older. It involves equal parts of classroom and pool instruction along with 5 open water checkout dives. Completing this course may be the start of many wonderful hours spent beneath the surface. It will challenge and thrill you at the same time. You may discover things about yourself that you never knew. You will discover more about life on our planet than you ever dreamed possible. Give me a call or send an email to begin your new adventure! Note I can also offer you Open Water via SDI - SCUBA Diving International for those who wish to have that card. The course content is basically the same save for more of an emphasis on use of computers for planning and tracking your dives. However Dive Tables will still be taught and students must be proficient in their use to receive a certification card!

     The Open Water Course consists of 24-32 hours of instruction in the classroom and pool. During this training you will learn about diving history, equipment, physics, physiology, dive planning, the environment, and rescue skills. You'll develop skills that you'll use on every dive. You will also discover more about yourself than you thought possible. In addition to the $395.00 tuition cost you will need to purchase a text book and workbooks. These total approximately $60.00. Call for information on discounts for couples, groups, and students. Due to the current economic situation I am now including the classroom materials in the basic cost of $395.00!

     In addition I am also offering a 25.00 rebate for every new student you would refer who takes any OW or Specialty class! So If you want a quality education and the chance to not only save money but recover some of your investment sign up with UDM Aquatic Services for your scuba training! Following your classroom and confined water (pool) training you will need to rent the actual scuba unit itself (bc, tanks, regulator, exposure suit) for your OW checkout dives. I recommend you do this through Dive World where we will be doing your pool training. You will know the equipment and be very familar with it. In addition the cost is as good as any other shop in the area. The cost for it is set by the shop and is separate from my fees. Not having to maintain my own inventory of student gear allows me to keep training costs down.

     I offer this course to students in Pittsburgh Pa,  Washington Pa, Wheeling West Virginia, and all surrounding areas. For the finest in Scuba Instruction in Pittsburgh, Washington, Canonsburg, Pa, and all of SW Pa, and Northern West Virginia, as well as Ohio and Maryland, give me a call or send an email via the contact page.  Note: if you are willing to make the drive, as some have, I can set a schedule to accomodate new students from any area!

Note that private classes are also available at additional cost. 

Posted by jimlap212 on Monday January 05, 2009 10:12 am


    Advanced Diver Level 1 - $50.00 / $425.00

     SEI Diving's Open Water Scuba Diver course that involves an additonal 2 dives under instructor supervision. During these dives we'll work more on your buoyancy and spend more time on your naviagtion skills with a compass and using natural navigation. It will enable you to feel more comfortable in the water and with your hew found skills. The best thing to improve your diving is to dive! Having a little more professional guidance is just icing on the cake.

     If taken in conjunction with Basic Open Water the total cost is $425.00. To add it to an existing OW certification is $50.00.  In addition it will involve an extra day of diving as we are limited to a maximum of 3 training dives per day of which 2 count towards certification. Standard practice is to do two dives per day. This allows us plenty of time for setup, debrief, and relax after the dives.

Posted by jimlap212 on Monday January 05, 2009 10:11 am




Your training will take place in the classroom and in the pool. You will be required to have your own personal gear for the class and it must be of dive quality. See sidebar under "personal gear" for items required. You will also be required to have a copy of Dennis Graver's "Scuba Diving". This text can be ordered through UDM Aquatic Services. You'll sign a learning agreement which outlines our commitment to you and your responsibilities as a student. At the completion of the classroom and pool sessions you will do a series of Open Water dives at a local lake or quarry. You may also elect to take a referral and do the dives in a warm water location with another instructor. Another option is to allow me to conduct your checkout dives on an excursion to a warm water destination on a scheduled trip or in the case of private lessons cover my expenses for a trip to do these checkouts should you choose not to do them locally. All lessons will be private or semi private. Please Contact Us for rates for both types of classes. You will also be responsible for renting gear for your open water checkout dives. Either Pittsburgh Scuba or Dive World has rental gear available.  I will inform you of the requirements as to what gear you will need to rent at our first meeting.


 For those already certified as Open Water divers with SEI Diving or having YMCA cards who wish to continue training with me in one of my advanced or specialty classes all you need do is sign up. For those certified through other agencies or with an instructor I'm not familiar with I require an interview and perhaps skill evaluation session in the pool and/or open water. Some skills required to earn OW  certification with SEI Diving are not taught by other agencies. I require that you be able to perform these in order to earn certification. It is stated in the learning agreement you will sign for each class and is stated here. Payment of tuition is not a guarantee of certification. It is a guarantee of training. Certification is earned not bought. Failure to achieve the skills required by SEI Diving and UDM Aquatic Services will result in no card being issued. We will train you till you are able to meet the standards.


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