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   What effects do accidents have?

    How do we prevent them?


I have a Facebook group dedicated to analyzing, discussing, and hopefully preventing diving accidents. In this group we not only discuss accidents, but also offer tips and advice on how to prevent them. Simply posting reports of accidents does little to prevent them. We need to analyze them and offer advice on how to avoid similar situations that led to the incident. In that vein we have a files section with articles and essays contributed by group members who wish to share their knowledge and experience. On some forums there is a great deal of censorship when in comes to this subject. Moderators want to delete off-topic posts. The problem with that is that whoever decides that a post is off-topic may not have the experience and foresight to determine what is not relevant to the discussion.

One person's idea of "not relevant" may indeed be the item that gets another thinking about their own diving and allows them to see issues. For that reason censorship is kept to a minimum and in some cases side discussions are highly encouraged and welcome. We have nearly 700 members around the world ranging from new OW divers to instructors and highly regarded experts in the dive community with decades of experience who contribute. In addition to this there are members who do not dive at all. They are law enforcement, public safety (such as EMT's and Paramedics), doctors, nurses, and those who are around water all the time who just want to learn and pass on their knowledge. This makes us a little different than those forums on actual diving message boards.

Facebook Accidents Group- click here! 


Posted by jimlap212 on Tuesday March 24, 2015 4:37 pm



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