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Have you ever looked at the ocean and wondered what lay underneath? Was it really like they show on television and in the movies? Would you like to find out? If so then I can help. As the owner and instructor for UDM Aquatic Services I can give you the tools necessary to explore not only the ocean but lakes, quarries, and rivers. As a certified diver you can do something that most of the world only dreams of. Swim, breath, and explore the world beneath the waves!

Scuba diving is not only a way to explore the waters but also a way to explore your own self. Under the sea you focus on your skills and develop your strengths. Personal limits are set mainly by you and your level of training. When you train with UDM Aquatic Services you are receiving the benefit of being trained by an instructor affiliated with an agency that has over 50 years of experience in producing qualified divers. Having it's roots in the YMCA Scuba program, Scuba Educators International Diving or SEI has the distinction of continuing the philosophy and methods developed by the first national scuba certification program in the United States. In addition to Scuba Educators International Diving, I am also affiliated with Scuba Diving International and Technical Diving International SDI/TDI. As such I can offer courses in a variety of disciplines up to entry level technical diving.

In addition I can offer you some of the finest equipment in the diving industry at great prices in my on line store.


This is a notable fact when an instructor to begin training to exist underwater. The facts are this: We cannot survive underwater without some form of mechanical assistance. In this case SCUBA or Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus is the means by which we accomplish this. Otherwise we would drown. As in the case of astronauts in outer space we are explorers of what some term "inner space". This "inner space" is no less hostile to human life than is outer space without the proper equipment and training to live, work, and play in.


 "When caring scuba instructors create a safe and inclusive environment, like any other wholesome activity, scuba becomes a tool for personal enrichment."- SEI Diving


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